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Marriage helps and harms

Introduction to Mindfulness

Personality Test IPIP NEO Long Form (300 items) Take the 300 item (and more accurate) test to see your score on the 5 Factor Personality dimensions.

Personality Test IPIP NEO short form
Take this test and print out the results for an assessment of your personality traits on the 5 factor personality model

Take a Stress Test

Adverse Childhood Experiences – take the quiz

Free Career Direction Test

Do you have Adult ADHD? – take the quiz

Do you have Autism features?  take the screening quiz

PHQ-9 Questionnaire and scoring

GAD-7 Questionnaire and scoring


Utah State Courts

Child Support Calculator (Utah)

Parent-time Statute under age 5

Current Parent-time statute age 5 – 18

Optional parent-time schedule

Relocation Parent-time

Elements to consider in Custody/Parent-time Evaluation

Child Abuse (Utah Statute)

Supervised Parent-time Criteria (Utah Statute) Under what conditions can the Court order Parent-time to be supervised

Parenting and Co-parenting

Parenting and co-parenting during the Covid-19 Pandemic

AFCC Co-parenting guide

Books for Divorce Litigants

A text and email editing service for co-parent communication that is free of angry, hostile, or inappropriate substance

Co-parenting tools for parent-time calendars, communication, sharing expenses and more. Talking Parents and Our Family Wizard

7 ways to improve parenting

Punishment won’t change behavior

Gender differences in parenting, bonding and attachment

When Parents Relocate: Moving Away and Long-Distance Parenting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Parenting Well

Science shows cooperation is a better strategy than opposition – watch the video.  This is important for co-parenting.  Supporting the activities the other parent wants for the child or trading parent-time generously pay dividends.

Try your best strategy in the iterative Prisoner’s Dilemma program